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International links

Ndeco Primary School


 In 2012, in order to develop our children as global citizens, we started a partnership with Ndeco Primary School in a remote part of North West Zambia through the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms scheme. Ndeco School was constructed out of poles and mud with a grass roof and shallow wells were dug by the children to provide water for the school which was often contaminated. Initially, we started to learn about each other’s lives by letter writing but then we strengthened our partnership when we were awarded a Connecting Classrooms grant in 2013. The exchange enabled a member of staff from both schools to spend time with their partner schools. This was an amazing opportunity to understand different cultures. As a result, we developed joint projects in art and Literacy. The high quality of these initiatives was recognised by the British Council when we were awarded the Full International Award. In order to help develop the literacy skills of Ndeco pupils, the Lordship community raised money to build the school its own library. Books were donated and the library was opened in 2014 by a Member of Parliament and the Director of Education during another successful Connecting Classrooms exchange with the Headteacher. Following joint pressure from both schools on the government, a bore hole was sunk to provide clean water and a new permanent building is presently being constructed.

In 2022, our links with the Ndeco school remain as strong as ever and both schools enjoyed sharing stories collaboratively on World Book Day.